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Your jewelry accessory specialist in Switzerland, jewelry store fashion jewelry and bead workshop studio in Winterthur in the canton of Zürich.

Bead Camp glass beads Lampwork in April 2018

The following workshops every takes 5 days you can visit the first international bead camp glass beads in Winterthur.

1st week Beadcamp Glass Art:
CAMP 1: Angela Meier Silberglas Schweiz

2nd week Beadcamp Glass Art:
Camp 6: Angelika Kaufmann (D)
Camp 7: Amanda Muddimer (GB)

3rd week Beadcamp Glass Art:

 Camp 9: Corina Tettinger USA
 Camp 11: Claudia Trimbur-Pagel Frankreich;  Glass and Artclay Silver Jewelry

3rd week 27th and 28th April Pearl market and artist demos

Best prices in The new Onlineshop

The new Onlineshop Freshwater Pearls Special Offers
Freshwater Pearls Special Offers
The new Onlineshop Moretti Glass per kg
Moretti Glass per kg
The new Onlineshop Jewelry wire tapes
Jewelry wire tapes
The new Onlineshop 925 Silver Pandora Style Changing Systems
925 Silver Pandora Style Changing Beaded systems
The new Onlineshop carabiner closures
carabiner closures

 Neus Shop has thousands of accessories to create fashion jewelry in stock.

We conduct courses for beginners and advanced. With us you can your own Jewelry making beads like Swarovski, freshwater pearls or minerals from Diamat grinding, fluorite, gold stone (glass), Garnet, Howlite, Hämatitt / Hämalike, jade, carnelian, coral, labradorite, lava, moonstone, shell, onyx, quartz, Rodonith, Snowflake, sodalite, Tiger Eye, Tourmaline, Turquoise, unakite, we have up to the jewelry accessories shop in Wintertur.


Neus Shop has the following Workshops and courses in the current program:

You can design your own creations

  • Artclay (silver ring / silver jewelry)
  • Free Jewellery workshop use
  • Make fashion jewelry
  • Make polymer clay beads
  • Mokumegame beads
  • Glass Rings Earrings
  • Beads Basic Course
  • Glass beads workshop
  • Glass beads Advanced

    Jewelry courses the bead workshop:

  •      Jewelry Courses
  •      Glass beads turn based courses
  •      Glass beads rotate for advanced
  •      Artclay (silver jewelry making)     

German Fyers:
range from spring course
  program from autumn

Artclay Silberschmuck Kurse

Art Clay Anhänger Silber
Art Clay Anhänger Silber
Artclay Kreuz Anhänger
Artclay Kreuz Anhänger Silber

Neus Shop GmbH CH 8400 Winterthur


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